At-Home Exercise for Back, Neck, and Spine

Dr. Jung has a comprehensive background in orthopedics and spine surgery and treats complex musculoskeletal and spinal conditions caused by degenerative conditions, disc herniations, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, trauma, and tumors. Dr. Jung suggests doing a series of at-home exercises to maintain a healthy neck and spine. You can request an appointment online to get your back and neck pain evaluated and find a treatment plan that helps you get relief.

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Back, Neck, and Spine Pain.


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For further information about how you can live pain-free, contact Dr. Edward Jung to discuss the underlying cause of your pain and the treatment options available. To learn more about the conditions causing neck and back pain, please call (206) 860-5578 or schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Jung at his spine care clinic in Seattle, WA today.

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