Dr. Jung attends Arthrex’s Endoscopy Conference in Naples Florida

Dr. Jung recently attended a comprehensive spine surgery conference where he actively participated in an ArthroLab session, specifically Group I. This session comprised five stations, each accommodating up to five surgeons, with assigned faculty covering critical topics such as Medial Branch Nerve Transection, Interlaminar Discectomy, and Transforaminal Discectomy. The hands-on nature of the lab allowed surgeons, including Dr. Jung, to deepen their understanding and refine their skills in these essential aspects of spine surgery.

Following the ArthroLab session, surgeons engaged in an Endoscopic Spine Instrumentation Overview and Orthobiologic Applications for Spine demonstration in the South Meeting Room. This informative session featured rotating presentations every 30 minutes until 11:00 am, providing a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and applications in spine surgery. Surgeons then moved to the North Meeting Room for a Synergy Vision™ Overview, a presentation running every 30 minutes until 11:00 am, further enriching their knowledge base.

dr jung training for surgery.


In the afternoon, Dr. Jung continued his participation in ArthroLab Session: Group II, mirroring the morning’s structure. This included five stations covering Medial Branch Nerve Transection, Interlaminar Discectomy, and Transforaminal Discectomy, allowing surgeons to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

dr jung training in a lab.

The day concluded with another round of presentations on Endoscopic Spine Instrumentation and Orthobiologic Applications for Spine in the South Meeting Room, running every 30 minutes until 4:00 pm. Simultaneously, surgeons attended the Synergy Vision™ Overview in the North Meeting Room, offering additional insights into cutting-edge technologies in the field.


The conference provided an invaluable opportunity for Dr. Jung and his fellow surgeons to engage in hands-on learning, exchange knowledge with industry experts, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in spine surgery. The combination of practical sessions, demonstrations, and product overviews ensured a comprehensive and immersive experience, contributing significantly to Dr. Jung’s expertise and the continuous improvement of spine surgery practices.




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